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  • Stop a Terrorist with a TASER C2

    In light of the recent Isis attacks in Paris, I’ve been thinking. Could non-lethal self-defense weapons thwart terrorist attacks? What if, seconds before a suicide bomber detonated his/her bomb laced vest, someone armed with a TASER International C2 noticed the threat. Armed with a TASER C2, one could drop a terrorist from 15 feet away. With laser accuracy one could push a button and deploy the probes from a TASER C2 and strike releasing 50,000 volts into the terrorist before he or she ever got a chance to carry out the mission. Sure, the TASER C2 is a non-lethal weapon, but the 50,000 volts would completely override the central nervous system (CNS) and bring an attacker to the ground immediately.

    In fact, that is precisely how the C2 is designed to work. The probes blast out of the cartridge on the front of the weapon and travel up to 15 feet and embed themselves into your target (terrorist). Once embedded, the separation of the probes in the attackers body creates a circuit by which 50,000 volts travel freely. This type of voltage completely interrupts the CNS and disallows the attacker from controlling his or her own movements. Basically, the attacker completely locks up and falls to the ground like dead weight. In law enforcement studies, TASER Devices have had higher incapacitation rates than 9mm handguns. Well what about the attackers clothing? How does the weapon work on an attacker wearing thick clothing? The energy from TASER Devices will penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing. Oh, and in case you were wondering, TASER International is the same company that makes the electronic control devices that Police all across the US carry and rely on everyday to do their jobs.

    Of course, the everyday citizen is not usually mentally prepared or willing to carry out this type of offense against a terrorist. But, in today’s world everyday citizens need to prepare themselves for these types of situations and thinking about what they would/could do if faced with the opportunity to stop a terrorist attack. And although the US is currently well insulated from foreign terrorism, think about all the domestic terror attacks that occur in the US each year. Think mass shooting incidents at schools, malls, and public events.

    Listen, I’m definitely all for properly trained law enforcement officials doing what they do best and handling these types of threats for us. But, often times law enforcement is only able to respond after the damage is done. Police can’t be in all places at all times, so individuals must take their own safety into their own hands and prepare and equip themselves. A non-lethal TASER C2 is legal in all but a few states and is so compact that it can be carried very inconspicuously. It certainly is proven to be effective at totally incapacitating a threat. What is you safety worth? The TASER C2 is bargain at around $399 and they come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee from TASER International. Who knows, maybe you’ll get an opportunity to stop a terrorist!

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